Visitors from India touring Laurea

​At the beginning of the week, Laurea received visitors from India when a delegation from Swami Rama Himalayan University, situated about 200 km north of Delhi, toured Laurea’s campuses in Hyvinkää, Leppävaara and Tikkurila. Sudhanshu Rai, a member of Laurea’s International Advisory Board, who is from India and works in the Copenhagen Business School, also joined the representatives of the university.

The visitors from India were particularly interested in the Finnish health care system and nursing education. On Monday, they were shown round Hyvinkää Hospital as well as the learning environment of the Medical Care and Simulation Centre situated on Laurea’s Hyvinkää campus. On Tuesday the visitors familiarised themselves with Laurea’s campuses in Leppävaara and Tikkurila.

- We came with an open mind to find out about Finnish education and to learn, the visitors said during the tour of the premises in Leppävaara.
- The school systems in India and Finland are different, but there is still a lot that we can learn here - and vice versa.

What especially attracted the visitor’s attention about Laurea and Finnish education was the student-centric approach and how it is used to feed creativity in students.

During the visit, the representatives of Swami Rama Himalayan University and Laurea agreed on further cooperation between the two higher education institutions. Several areas for fruitful cooperation were identified in the discussions, such as paid intensive courses, personnel and student exchange, collaboration in RDI projects as well collaboration in promotion of health and well-being, in particular.

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​At Leppävaara Campus the visitors also got a chance to try out CoCo Cosmos co-creation tool developed in Laurea.