Uudenmaan Yrittäjät and Laurea agree on collaboration

​The entrepreneur organisation Uudenmaan Yrittäjät and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have concluded a partnership agreement. CEO of Uudenmaan Yrittäjät Petri Graffe and President and CEO of Laurea Jouni Koski signed the agreement on Tuesday, 23 February.

The collaboration agreement aims at enabling systematic long-term collaboration between Laurea and Uudenmaan Yrittäjät. Laurea’s education, RDI and regional development task supports the strategic development carried out by Uudenmaan Yrittäjät and makes joint development projects possible. Along with the collaboration agreement, the organisations intend to intensify collaboration between their experts and to promote awareness about their services.

- The new jobs in Finland are currently created increasingly in small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, it is important for us that there will also be competent entrepreneurs as well as competent workforce for companies in Uusimaa in future. We support each other’s goals in this work, CEO Petri Graeffe describes the significance of their collaboration.

- Naturally, the intensifying collaboration will provide even better working life networks and more interesting projects for Laurea’s students. At the same time, the university has an opportunity to get closer to the daily work in SMEs and keep up-to-date with the changing field of businesses, Koski continues.

As the regional organisation of the SMEs in its area and the 28 member associations they form, Uudenmaan yrittäjät serves as an interest group and forum between entrepreneurs and the different stakeholder groups.

- Both Laurea and Uudenmaan Yrittäjät operate widely in the Uusimaa region. Through collaboration we can together reach the entrepreneurs in the whole region and promote the vitality and competitiveness of the Uusimaa region better than before, Koski and Graeffe stress.

Modified 2/29/2016 9:34 AM

​President and CEO Jouni Koski and CEO Petri Graeffe signed the agreement.