University admissions period of spring 2015 a success for Laurea

The university admissions period for degree programmes beginning in autumn 2015 has closed. The total number of applicants amounted to 154,500. Of these applicants, 88,500 listed a university of applied sciences as their first choice and 66,000 primarily applied to a university. The total number of study places available was 46,000. Universities provided 18,500 study places and universities of applied sciences 27,500 study places.

The results of all student selections will be published by 1 July, and the students who have been selected to a degree programme must accept their study place by 15.00 on 15 July 2015.

Laurea received a record number of applications

Laurea received over 16,000 applications. This means that Laurea was the fifth most popular higher education institution in Finland after Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Helsinki, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Turku. A total of approximately 6,000 primary applicants competed for Laurea's 1211 study places.

There were approximately 10 primary applicants to one study place in the following degree programmes: the Degree Programme in Beauty and Cosmetics, the Degree Programme in Correctional Services, and the Degree Programme in Security Management. The Degree Programme in Social Services was also very popular: there were approximately eight applicants to one study place.

Compared to previous application periods, more than double the number of applicants applied to Laurea's master's degree programmes.

Good employment rates and working life connections make Laurea popular

- We are very flattered by the number of applicants. It reflects the good results we have achieved in collaboration with our students, businesses, organisations, and the region, says President and CEO Jouni Koski.

- The employment rate of Laurea graduates has always been excellent and according to the latest statistics on placement by Statistics Finland, the employment rate was 97.9% in 2012. Students naturally want to secure their future, and employment and finding a suitable job are key goals in the life of students. As a university of applied sciences, we collaborate with working life to respond to these needs and support students in building a network of potential employers, Koski continues.

- Last year, the staff and students of Laurea worked together to create the institution's service promise: We are here for you at Laurea. This is a promise that obliges Laurea staff to help students in their efforts to make smooth progress in their studies and achieve good learning results and to ensure a good future via these studies. The service promise is a commitment to providing the opportunity for good learning and teaching as well as the opportunity for a better future, summarises Päivi Korhonen, Director, Communications.

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