UNECON and Laurea Students Develop Prisma shops in Saint Petersburg

During the week 7. - 14.4.2018 students from both universities have co-operated in a joint project for Finnish retail chain Prisma in order to develop customer experience. Prisma has today 16 stores, 1400 employees and more than 600 000 loyal customers in Saint Petersburg.

The project is done in 7 teams that all have students from both universities to ensure that the teams have knowledge from the local market and also new eyes and ears from outside the city. In total, there are 40 students working on this project- 20 Hospitality and Business Management students from Laurea UAS and 20 Marketing students from UNECON (Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics).

To support the teams, teachers from both universities share insights and guide the learning process together.

To conclude the project, the teams will present the results and get feedback from the representatives of Prisma.

Additional information:

Sini Setälä, senior lecturer, sini.setala@laurea.fi

Modified 4/13/2018 2:31 PM

​Project kickoff at Prisma.