Three plus one tips for preparing to entrance exams in Master's programmes

Entrance examinations for Laurea’s Master’s programmes are held on Monday 24th of April (Global Development and Management in Health Care) and on Wednesday 26th of April (Service Innovation and Design). With the exams just two weeks away, we gathered some helpful tips for applicants to take into account when preparing for the exams.

Read the prereading materials carefully

If the entrance exams include a prereading material, like the exam in Service Innovation and Design does, be sure to read the material carefully. Familiarize yourself with the texts by reading them a couple of times and make sure you understand the main content and the message of the articles.

Prepare for the group discussion

The group discussion doesn’t have a prereading material but you can prepare for it by following the ongoing discussions in the field that you are applying to and practicing your discussion skills in English.

Show up on time in the right place

Make sure you know where the entrance exam is held and find out the easiest way to get there be it by car or by public transport. To make sure that you are on time, don’t take the last possible bus or arrive by car at the last minute. It is better to show up well before the starting time that to show up after it. We cannot guarantee that applicants arriving late can participate in the exams. To be safe, show up at least 15 minutes before the starting time.

Listen to the instructions and act accordingly

During the entrance exam, our staff guides you through the day by giving you specific instructions that you should follow. Be sure to listen whenever the staff has something to say. If you are unsure, you can always ask us for assistance. When you have heard and understood the instructions, act according to them.

Modified 4/10/2017 3:41 PM