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The Finnish company, Eye Solutions Ltd, is a global pioneer in the supply of real-time integrated overview systems. The product manager of Eye Solutions Ltd, Pekka Ikonen, was interviewed about their experiences of co-operating with Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Last fall Eye Solutions Ltd and Laurea UAS in Leppävaara worked on a project together. The collaboration involved IT students helping with the research of new possibilities and ideas on different overview systems.
Now after the project Eye Solutions Ltd claims that the co-operation benefited them greatly on many aspects.

-We would definitely recommend working with Laurea reflecting the benefits of the project and the ease of working with such motivated students, product manager Pekka Ikonen says.

As a start-up company, Eye Solutions Ltd appreciates the simple form of collaboration due to their limited resources. Because of their lack of resources it is profitable to have a school with knowledgeable students as a partner. The benefit from collaboration was great considering their product’s stage of development. The co-operation helped in getting valuable views for the last mile of their product creation. These views are a unique resource that separates Laurea from ordinary project partners.

-Working with Laurea was an optimal choice for us due to the resource situation and the unique traits of this partnership, explains Pekka Ikonen.

Eye Solutions was pleased with the ease of working with Laurea UAS. The location near Helsinki and the capital area is a great plus and makes visiting easy. Meeting up frequently with students was refreshing for both parties.

Laurea’s policy on teaching students via completing projects worked wonders in co-operation with Eye Solutions Ltd. The students got some great work-life contacts and know-how by working with a growing company that is also a pioneer in their field of business. The students were very interested in getting a chance to make a difference in a growing company.

Laurea UAS is constantly looking for new partners. Pekka Ikonen states that his company are interested in continuing co-operation with Laurea as soon as there’s the possibility.

-We are looking forward to mutually fruitful collaboration projects in the future based on our good experiences, he states.


The article was written by Laurea students Marko Salonen, Valtteri Koskinen, Joona Lundberg and Jere Suikkanen as an assignment on Organizational Communication course.

Modified 8/11/2015 4:20 PM