The story of LbD model covered in a new publication

​The principles of the Laurea's model of Learning by Developing (LbD) have now been gathered together into a book. Learning by Developing Action Model is edited by Katariina Raij, who works as a director and research director at Laurea. The book is now available as an electronic version on Laurea's website.

- The aim of the book was to get the story of LbD within the covers of a single publication: the theoretical background of the LbD model, its development and its application in various research and development projects, Katariina Raij introduces the book.

Among the writers of the peer-reviewed book's articles there are many former and present members of the Laurean community who have been involved with the creation and development of the LbD model. All Laureans were invited to participate in the writing of the book.  In fact, the aim was to also engage new writers and through that bring new viewpoints to LbD.

In addition to Katariina Raij, the writers were Vesa Taatila, Outi Kallioinen, Pentti Rauhala, Jouni Koski and Seija Mahlamäki–Kultanen and, as a team, Outi Ahonen, Tarja Meristö, Liisa Ranta & Hanna Tuohimaa as well as Teemu Rantanen, Eeva Soikkeli & Elsa Kolu.

The development of LbD moved hand in hand with that of Laurea

- The importance of LbD lies in that it is built on the basis of a recognized learning concept, and, as a result of research, its stages as well as its philosophical foundations have been recognized.  It is unique and valuable, Raij explains.

The LbD model has been under development at Laurea since the turn of this century. Its development is closely intertwined with Laurea's history and development as a whole. The LbD operating model was designated as Laurea's strategic choice, and efforts have been made to develop the model through work and as an economic investment. The recognition that the LbD model has over the years received in many national and international evaluations has shown that the direction chosen is the correct one. Katariina Raij further emphasizes that it is of crucial importance to take care of the model and its development also in the future.

- The future will bring us a Laurean generation that has not been involved with the development of LbD, Raij says.
- Everyone working at Laurea should read the book and find out how each of us could make use of it in our own work.

There will be a lot to research also in the future

Katariina Raij reckons that there will still be a lot of research involved with LbD. In fact, learning environments and the importance of their development in the LbD model were left out in the book released. In the opinion of Raij, also students' perceptions about learning in accordance with the LbD operating model should be systematically investigated.

Raij also reminds us that LbD is not linked to any specific educational institute. LbD provides great opportunities for the development of pedagogy both in Finland and throughout the world. This is indicated by some projects currently underway. These include the Young Entrepreneurship – Developing in Action (YEDAC) project promoting entrepreneurship education in various European countries as well as the Learners, Teachers and Employers project, which develops the LbD4All application for basic schools and secondary level in some European countries.

- In a nutshell, one could say that LbD can be too easily understood as an operating model in various projects. I also believe that the part of research remains superficial and as a matter for students' various learning assignments.  But LbD is much more, Katariina Raij says.

- I would hope to find in Laurea more people who are not satisfied with only project learning but want to get a deeper understanding of the LbD operating model, of its pedagogical and philosophical foundations, and who also see the university's own research activities as essential.


Acquaint yourself with the Learning by Developing Action Model publication (Pdf) on Laurea's website .

A new Finnish-language LbD publication will appear in December 2015. There is an open invitation soliciting writers for the publication, and abstracts will be received up until 16 March. Read more about the new LbD publication

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​Katariina Raij.