The Service Centre kept Laurea UAS students busy throughout the summer

​In mid-August, the City of Espoo opened the Service Centre at the Iso Omena Shopping Mall in Matinkylä. This is an entirely new service concept, bringing together ten service units intended for municipal residents. The opening festivities were held on 11 August and during the first two weeks, more than 100,000 people had already used the services available in the centre.

The Service Centre employs about 140 people and a team of nine Laurea UAS students has also been working there during its first weeks.

As part of the summer course on the planning and implementation of events, the students have been arranging different types of events in the Service Centre in cooperation with other actors. The thematic day aimed at activating senior citizens held on Wednesday 24 August was the last of the events. The students have also provided visitors to the Service Centre with guidance and collected customer feedback.

“This is not just another library “

- Being part of such a new concept has been an interesting experience. This is not just another library or health centre because there are so many other actors involved, explains Fatima Habeb, a business management student from Laurea University of Applied Sciences and a participant in the summer course.
- It has been a nice experience to see how all services here are under the same roof and how they actually work, adds Tanja Pulksten, a hospitality management student.

Habeb, Pulksten and seven other students in different fields started their summer studies in May. After familiarising themselves with the theoretical aspects of the subject, the students started drafting ideas for events in the Service Centre. They had three target groups: families with children, people in working age and senior citizens.

- We have organised bingo events for senior citizens as well as face painting and dancing for children, says Fatima Habeb, listing some of the activities.
- We were not able to put all our plans into practice during the first weeks of the Service Centre but the events may be held at a later date.

“Communicating plays an important role in a project”

The students taking part in the summer course will receive between five and ten credits, depending on the workload. Fatima Habeb also served as the project manager of the student team, which will give her a total of 15 credits.

- We have been doing all kinds of things here during the summer. There was a fairly quiet two-week period in July, but otherwise we have been quite busy all summer, explains Habeb.

Habeb started her business management studies at Laurea University of Applied Sciences's Otaniemi campus a year ago and she has already become familiar with coordinating projects and assuming responsibilities.

- Communicating with the team and other actors plays an important role in every project and the assignment in the Iso Omena Service Centre is no exception. As the project manager, I have also noticed that you must be on top of things and make sure that things get done on time.

- In this project, I have also realised that when you are organising an event you must prepare for all kinds of risk, Tanja Pulksten adds.
- The fact that the new Länsimetro underground railway did not open on time meant that one big risk became reality. It also briefly plunged our timetables into chaos, which taught us that event organisers must be flexible.


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Laurea students organized bingo events for the visitors of the service center.