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​“One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember!”… this is the slogan the International Students at Laurea University decided to be their theme for this spring semester 2015. In a few days everybody will get his own shirt on which these words are printed before each of us has to go back on her home country. But what made it that special, studying at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland?

In order to find answers to this question we asked more than 25 international students for their opinion and more than 95% of these students pointed out that they really like to study at Laurea University. Students from all around the world come not only to visit the beautiful landscape of Finland but also to be part of this unique studying environment.

To study here feels for some people first of all a little bit strange because you will be part of a completely different structure of learning compared to your home university. The interaction between the students, the professor and the working environment plays a big part in this semester.

You will learn a lot by doing group work and assignments with people from different counties and through that you will make great improvements to your English language skills. But do not worry if you feel unconfident, your group members and even your professor will help you and the work will not be that difficult – we promise.

The great thing most of the international students pointed out, is that in most of the courses you will not have a final exam which means your final grade can be improved by a lot of smaller tasks during the semester. But do not worry 70% of the students agreed that you will still have a lot of free time to see the beautiful landscape and enjoy the party’s here in Finland.

You will have a lot of opportunities to go to parties and travel. Therefore your university and its student union (Laureamko) offers a lot. During the first weeks you will meet all international students at the welcome week and several shadow- and student union parties. We really recommend to join! But there are also great trips offered every semester by Laureamko and its partners to Lapland or St. Petersburg.

So if you have the opportunity to come to Finland and study at Laurea University use it! Than as we will be reminded every time while wearing our shirt: “… live a life you will remember!”

The article was written by Laurea students Sebastian Müller and Taehyun Kim as an assignment on Organizational Communication course.

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