Students organized a well-being afternoon in Myyrinkoti elderly home

​Students from the Bachelor Degree Program in Nursing at Laurea University of Applied Sciences organized a well-being afternoon for the residents of the Myyrinkoti, an elderly home located in the city of Vantaa. The event took place on 23.11.2017.

The theme of the event was “Touch”. Students’ goal was to perform a pleasant afternoon for the residents. The activities involved the main theme touch as a form of promoting the wellbeing of the residents by an interactive form of communication.

Learn more about the event from nursing students’ photos and captions. Watch also the video from the well-being afternoon on Laurea Youtube channel.

“Massaging the palm of a residence at Myyrinkoti. She was active in pointing out which finger should be cared for the most."

“A caregiver deserves to be cared for as that would energise her to care for the residence in her care.”

“Massage and manicyre were offered for Myyyrinkoti residents.”


“Objects with different textures gave the residents food for thought and reminiscence.”


“A self-portrait with the lady holding an Angry Bird in her hands after a short hair massage.”


“One of the active participants feeling the touch of rice and communicating with our team member.”

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