Students developing new 5G services for Telia

​A group of Laurea’s students received a challenging and fascinating assignment on Monday 29th of May: to develop a new type of service innovation for Telia which will incorporate the super-fast 5G network. The period for the development work is the next two weeks.

There are about twenty Laurea students studying in English-language degree programmes who are involved in the project, which belongs to the Service Innovations module related to business, data processing and security fields.

The students will pilot the five-phase Google Design Sprint method under working development. This includes rapid deployment of the prototypes and testing amongst potential customers.  As a result of the Sprint, Telia obtains service concepts for consumers developed by the student teams, taking advantage of the 5G technology.

The two-week Telia Design Sprint project was initiated on Monday, 29 May. On Monday afternoon, a group of Telia’s experts visited the Leppävaara campus to present the assignment and answer questions from the students at the Ask the Expert session.

As the starting point for the students’ assignment, the 5G mobile network is the target, which is up to 100 times faster than the current 4G network and will be piloted in Helsinki in 2018. This extremely fast mobile network will enable many new solutions such as those connected with virtual reality, 4K video-streaming, smart home and even eHealth applications.

- Your assignment is to create a new type of service based on customer experience which utilises the 5G potential. The service can be linked to, for example, games or entertainment, the school of the future, or physical exercise and sport activities, Esa Kling from Telia summed up in the presentation he made to the students.

The students will incorporate service design methods during the study period and develop their innovations in small groups. They will present the final innovations to the Telia clients on Friday, 9 June.

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