Students are interested in circular economy

Circular Economy has been a hot topic and the role of Circular Economy in business is growing. Sitra and 3UAS cooperation built an innovative study path, which aimed to engage international students and 3UAS students to work towards a circular economy with regional, national and international companies. 

Now, the pilot study path has been finalised and students have presented their business plans to companies Helsieni and restaurant Loop. Pauliina Piuhola from Loop believes strongly that students' motivation towards circular economy will make a difference in the next couple of years. Chris Holtslag from Helsieni was very pleased to see how much circular economy and Helsieni's work towards sustainable growth is something that students are so interested in.

Students from Haaga-Helia, Riina Kasurinen and Matti Alppinen presented their group's business plan to Loop on 24th of May. Their aim was to diminish the negative stigma of the word food loss in Finnish language. Risto Koljanen, student from Laurea, says that the course has given him knowledge about planning a business model taking circular economy into consideration right from the very start. The students say that the course has been extremely interesting and that it has widened their knowledge in circular economy a lot!


The cooperation with Sitra and 3UAS will continue next fall and the students from Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences can still apply here for the courses until 31th of May! 

Modified 5/30/2018 12:51 PM

Students presenting their business models.