Students’ stories: "Studying a degree programme taught in English is versatile and fascinating"

​Degree programmes taught in English offer a multicultural study environment not only for international students, but also for Finnish students. Bachelor’s programmes taught in English are a good opportunity to improve one's language skills and international expertise as well as to form multicultural networks.

In the January 2016 joint application, Laurea offers six Bachelor's programmes taught in English. One of them is the Degree Programme in Social Services, which Hanna Uutaniemi from Helsinki also studies.

- I have spoken English since I was 5 years old, when I was in the English speaking kindergarten. It was obvious to me straight after upper secondary school that I wanted to either study in English or study the English language, Uutaniemi says.

"A diverse field and a diverse group"

Hanna Uutaniemi applied to the university of applied sciences straight after upper secondary school. In the beginning she began studying the Degree Programme in Nursing taught in English at Laurea's Otaniemi campus. After her second year she moved to the Degree Programme in Social Services.

- I have always wanted to help and especially to work with people, so nursing felt like the right choice for me, Hanna explains.
- During the studies I found out about social services and the field started to fascinate me.

It is especially the versatility of the field that fascinates Hanna about the Degree Programme in Social Services. With a Bachelor's degree in Social Services it is possible to carry out very different tasks in many different workplaces.

Hanna's study group has also been very diverse. A few of the students are from Finland and the rest from across the world, for example, from Lithuania, Germany and the USA. In addition to different countries, the study group also brings together a diverse group of people of different ages.

- It's very interesting to have the possibility to study in a multicultural environment, Hanna Uutaniemi contemplates.
- Students from different countries have interesting views on matters both in their own countries and in Finland. Hearing about social services work in different countries also widens your own perspective.

Internationality at many levels

Uutaniemi has completed two of her three placements in a kindergarten; first in an English speaking kindergarten in Helsinki and after that in a kindergarten in the United States.

- My friend and I were working in America for three months altogether. It was definitely an amazing experience, she says.

During her studies, Hanna has also been involved in tutoring international students at Laurea for a couple of years. According to her, it has been especially nice to introduce the metropolitan area, Finland and Finnish culture to exchange students.

- You learn so much new when you meet people who come from different countries and cultures, Hanna Uutaniemi explains.
- Studying an international degree programme is an eye-opening experience and it teaches you to work with different kinds of people.


Application period for Degree programmes taught in English from january 8th until January 27th. Learn more about the Bachelor's programmes in English here.


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​Hanna Uutaniemi.