Strategic renewal of FUAS

The strategic renewal of FUAS was aimed to increase the added value that the cooperation brings for the member institutions. In practise this meant focusing the operation and simplifying the structure. As a part of this process the strategy of the federation was renewed and the Governing Board of FUAS confirmed the new strategy to come into action on 1st of January 2015. To read the strategy, please click here.

Synergy through strategic cooperation

The newly refined areas of strategic cooperation and the institution responsible for their operations are:

  • Summer Studies; coordination by Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)
  • Graduate School; coordination by Lahti University of Applied Sciences  (LAMK)
  • Virtual Campus; technology coordination by HAMK and
    coordination of the provision Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Laurea)
  • Services for companies and communities; coordination by LAMK

These areas of strategic cooperation are supported by the Operational and quality management and communications services of which Laurea is responsible for.

The areas of strategic cooperation enable utilising the full competence of the member institutions, cost-effective operation and better quality. The operation of the areas of strategic cooperation is collaboratively resourced and the institution responsible for their operation is in charge of the management.

The focus areas steer and structure the educational and RDI activities of FUAS. The focus areas and the institution responsible of their management are: 

  • Technological competence and entrepreneurship; coordination by HAMK
  • Environment and energy efficiency; coordination by LAMK
  • Societal security and integrity; coordination by Laurea
  • Ensuring welfare; shared among all member institutions

FUAS contributing to regional development and education policy 

As one purpose of FUAS is to strengthen the regional operating prerequisites of its member institutions, the Board of FUAS took an active role in the development of higher education policy. The Board of FUAS published the first statement of FUAS at the end of October 2014 and the Board will publish statements twice a year in order to strengthen the role of FUAS in fields of regional development and the higher education in Finland. 

Simplifying the operational structure

The Strategic Steering Groups of education, RDI and Governance & Systems were decided to be ended at the end of 2014. Additionally the shared services of FUAS-Global Activities, FUAS-communications and FUAS-enterprise architecture were ended as well. In the future, every second meeting of the Council of Presidents will be themed according to the areas of strategic cooperation and will include the vice presidents of the member institutions. 

The Board of FUAS, Council of Presidents, Advisory Board and executive director continue operation as mentioned in the FUAS Alliance agreement 2012.

The simplified operating structure, including the allocation of responsibilities and finances, is based on the new strategy and it aims to implement the strategy efficiently. The base for achieving the concrete goals of the new strategy has now been formed and it supports the determinate implementation by the member institutions. 


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