Starting signal for smart specialisation

On 2–4 February at the Leppävaara campus, the Uusimaa Regional Council and Laurea arranged a joint seminar, in which the Uusimaa's Smart Specialisation Strategy and its top themes were introduced. At the same time, ideas were generated about project opportunities related to the strategy and about how to make use of national and international funding in their implementation. 

The Smart Specialisation Strategy, or RIS3 (Research and Innovation Strategy), defines the areas of strength for Uusimaa to put its efforts in between 2014 and 2020. The goal of the strategy is to speed up economic growth and promote employment by strengthening the region's research and innovation activities.

Uusimaa's smart specialisation is based on five main themes: Urban Cleantech – Cleantech metropolis platform, Human Health Tech – Solutions for human-centred health care and wellbeing, Industry Digitalisation – Digital renewal of industry, Welfare City – City of wellbeing for everyday life, and Smart Citizen – citizen of the internet era.

The discussion around the RIS3 theme continued on 3–4 February with an international Benchlearning for Smart Regions, Smart Cities and Student Entrepreneurship conference, in which it was considered how European cooperation can be utilised in the implementation of smart specialisation strategies. In introductory speeches, panel discussions and workshops, themes and projects of RIS3 strategies by various regions of Europe were presented.

Keynote speakers in the conference included research director Hans Schaffers from Aalto University School of Business and Bror Salmelin from the European Commission.

Laurea promotes, especially through its projects, the implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy.

- Regional development is one of the statutory duties of universities of applied sciences. Laurea, being a university of applied sciences in Uusimaa, has participated in the drafting of Uusimaa's RIS3 strategy, tells Tuija Hirvikoski, Research Manager of one of Laurea's focus areas which deals with nursing and coping at home.

- Laurea is specialised in service innovations which are needed in all the strategy's main themes. The evaluation and display of the impacts of our research is a central success criterion in project activities. RIS3 helps us to reason about the future impacts of our projects to the development of Uusimaa, she continues.

The Forerunner Area Helsinki Region initiative will publish a set of Student Entrepreneurship good practice descriptions on Laurea web pages. These descriptions presented on the Benchlearning Conference are prepared and new descriptions added in Helsinki Region co-operation.​

Conference presentations

Hans Schaffers: Smart Cities and Regions empowered by the Future Internet

 Bror Salmelin: Some thoughts about innovation, and the drivers to be injected in policy-making



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Hans Schaffers.