ServiceJams seen through successfully by cooperation between Laurea and Aalto

During last weekend, 27 February – 1 March, Global Service Jam brought together thousands of enthusiastic people in a hundred cities around the world to create new service concepts. The starting point for the event was "Just 48 hours to change the world".
Laurea and Aalto University carried the responsibility for the organisation of the local Service Jam Helsinki event.

The event at the Leppävaara premises of Laurea gathered together approximately 60 participants and 15 mentors. The participants included students, alumni and staff from Laurea's Master's degree programmes, students and alumni from Aalto University, Master's degree students from Lahti UAS and Häme University of Applied Sciences and other persons interested in service design from many kinds of companies and organisations.

The global theme of the Service Jams was revealed to the participants on Friday night in a form of a video (see it in Vimeo).  After the secret theme had been laid open, the participants were divided into ten teams, which started their work by brainstorming on everyday problems related to the theme. To understand the real significance of the problems chosen, the teams interviewed a great number of people at Leppävaara shopping centres during Saturday.

The teams worked out prototypes of the new services until late Saturday night, and the work still continued early on Sunday morning. As a result of the intensive labour, ten excellent service concepts were brought to light. On Sunday afternoon, at the end of the event, these were presented to the eager audience at Leppävaara auditorium. You can find out about the teams' results at the Service Jam Helsinki website.

World-wide, 442 new service concepts were created during the weekend. All of these can be found at the Global Service Jam website.

Close collaboration, which took shape during a three-month design process between the people of Laurea and Aalto University, was one of the keys for the success of the event in Laurea. Involved with the organisation were Aalto University's Aalto Service Factory, its alumni network and its Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

To get an idea about the atmosphere of the event, the best thing to do is to have a peek at hashtags #GSJam and #GSJam Hki.

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Katri Ojasalo

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​Service Jam on Leppävaara campus.