Review of RDI activities at Laurea UAS: Spring 2016

​There was a great deal of RDI activity at Laurea during the 2016 spring semester. A total of 13 new projects were started and an additional 10 projects were provided with funding. Below is information about the projects started during the spring semester and the projects that will begin during the autumn are listed at the end of the review.

Antura -  Resident forums contributing to safety and secure future

Duration: 05/16 - 05/17

The purpose of the Antura project is to examine how civic engagement in the form of resident forums can contribute to smooth cohabitation of immigrants and mainstream Finns and how it can help to anticipate and prevent conflicts between these two groups. The implementation and impacts of the immigration-oriented activities in the resident forum of Greater Leppävaara in Espoo will be assessed in the project. Furthermore, a future forum, which will be held as part of project, will produce a common vision of a secure future in which diversity is a resource and in which civic engagement in the form of resident forums will help to prevent the challenges arising from immigration.

The project will conclude with the publication of a manual titled “Many cities, one home town", in which the practices found to be workable in the project will be developed into an operating model that can be duplicated into a broad range of applications. The purpose of the manual is to find solutions to the problems already identified and to the challenges facing us in the future. The manual provides a good basis for applying a similar operating model in other regions in Finland and for focusing it in accordance with local needs.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Harri Ruoslahti

COPE – Securing skilled labour in the transition of social welfare and health care

Duration: 06/16 - 05/19

The purpose of the COPE project is to respond to changing skills requirements in social welfare and health care arising from digitalisation, ageing population, increasing immigration, the wider choice available to citizens and the social welfare and health care reform currently under way in Finland. Laurea provides expertise for the project in the field of training and lifelong learning in the identification and provision of new competences. Laurea is producing a functional study for the project in which the aim is to develop innovative pedagogical models and methods for promoting competence in the field of vocational problem solving and decision-making.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Soile Juujärvi
Twitter: @StnCope

Digisti fiksu (Digitally smart)

Duration: 03/16 - 01/18

The aim of the project is to network and strengthen cooperation between communities, projects, third sector, training, research and development organisations relevant to the citizenship of the digital era and public and private sector service providers in the Uusimaa Region and internationally. The aims of the project can be achieved by networking relevant actors in Uusimaa so that new digital service models can be built, by examining how different population groups view the citizenship of the digital era and by strengthening cooperation between three universities of applied sciences, which helps to build a permanent basis for a development network between Uusimaa-based actors.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Minttu Räty

More cleantech business through energy-efficiency and district-specific energy generation

Duration: 01/16 - 12/17

The purpose of the project is to determine the top areas of cleantech and energy-efficiency expertise in the Lahti Region, Häme and Uusimaa, how the expertise should be developed and to compare them with selected international reference cities. Between three and four areas in Häme, Lahti Region and Uusimaa have been selected as pilot sites for the project. The results of the piloting will be widely disseminated so that the best energy-efficiency improvement tools can be made available to all potential users. The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA will take part in the dissemination of the results.

One purpose of the future workshops arranged as part of the project is to create future development paths (scenarios) for the piloted areas, using background studies and expert opinions as a basis. By following the development paths, it is possible to introduce systematic measures aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions arising from energy consumption, starting with the most economically viable options.

The common strategic intent of the stakeholders will be determined in the future workshops, which also serve as a forum for examining forces for change, critical success factors and bottlenecks impacting the future. Using the Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA), a survey of the energy-efficiency experts in the three regions will be produced and new business opportunities identified. The expertise development needs of cleantech actors will be identified and the necessary marketing and communications material for the regions, companies and training organisations will be prepared and produced in accordance with the needs.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Jukka Laitinen

e-NordBalt "e-services and internet economy in NordBalt countries" 2016

Duration: 07/16 - 10/17

The e-NordBalt project is in the form of an intensive course in which themes of the Internet economy will be discussed. Students from five countries will take part in an online course coordinated by Laurea, which will conclude with a week-long intensive course in Latvia in December 2016. The intensive course will provide the students with an opportunity to deepen their competence in the topics covered during the course. The participants come from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, University of Tartu in Estonia, RISEBA (Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration) in Latvia, Södertörn University in Sweden and Bifröst University in Iceland.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Ville Saarikoski

iEER - Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs

Duration: 04/16 - 03/20

The aim of the project is to determine paths and solutions providing young entrepreneurs with optimum support so that young entrepreneurship can be supported and boosted in regional ecosystems in an optimum manner. A total of ten European countries are involved in the implementation of the project and the aim is also achieve more effective cooperation between the actors in the support for young entrepreneurship and to include such parties as universities, municipal business services and enterprise accelerators in the process.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Marjo Ruuti
Twitter: @BoostiEER

Kansainväliset korkeakoulutetut työelämään! (Providing graduates with international degrees with better employment opportunities)

Duration: 02/16 - 12/17

The aim of the project is to boost the employment opportunities of young people with international degrees, especially in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The employment-promotion measures to be carried out as part of the project include events promoting networking that are intended for companies and students, as well as learning events that help students to better understand Finnish working culture and employers to better understand international job seekers. Other employment-promoting practices, such as career guidance models and the use of alumni in the promotion of employment will also be created in the project. The aim is that at the end of the project, one hundred young people with an international degree have a job. The project will also result in a model for promoting employment of young people with international degrees that will be introduced in the universities of applied sciences in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Anssi Kuusela

LETET - Proactive competence of practical nurses in the field of safety, work ergonomics and well-being at work

Duration: 05/16 - 12/17

The aim of the project is to develop a nationwide continuing education package of 15 credits. The package will be in Finnish and it covers well-being at work, work ergonomics and preventive safety work and is intended for teachers training practical nursing students at upper secondary vocational level. The aim is to strengthen teachers’ competence by providing them with practical capacity to prevent and assess the risks and workload factors in the work of a practical nurse and to produce material. The skills and learning will be incorporated in the teaching and passed on to the students. The training is mostly in the form of online distance learning and development tasks. Laurea's personnel and experts at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will take part in the planning of the course content. Laurea is responsible for the practical aspects of the package.

The following training courses intended for teaching staff are included in the project: Varautuva, turvallinen koulu (Safe and secure school) 2015–16; Arjen ennakoiva turvallisuusjohtaminen (Proactive everyday safety management) 14–15; and Hius- ja kauneudenhoitoalan terveyshaittojen ehkäisy (Preventing health hazards in hair and beauty care) 15–16. The last-mentioned course is a collaborative project with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Henna Hertell

MOTIVE – Multisectoral team entrepreneurship network

Duration: 01/16 - 06/18

The aim is to launch student-run co-operatives promoting employment and placement, facilitating entry into working life and boosting entrepreneurship. New ways of supporting young graduates entering the working life will be sought, pedagogics and learning environments boosting key entrepreneurial and other working life skills will be developed, cooperation between organisations in the interface of the working life will be expanded and collaborative practices and structures between organisations allowing young people to move flexibly into working life will be created. The project will be carried out in collaboration with HYRIA and Hyvinkään-Riihimäen Seudun Ammattikoulutussäätiö HRAKS.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Teppo Leppälahti

RANGER: RAdars for loNG distance maritime surveillancE and Search and Rescue opeRations

Duration: 05/16 - 10/19

The aim in the RANGER project is to improve European maritime safety, especially in the Mediterranean. Using revolutionary radar technology, the European maritime surveillance capability will be raised to a new level: As a result, radars will be able to see beyond the horizon, which has been considered impossible until now. The radar equipment, machine learning, systems and compatibility with CISE and EUROSUR will be tested and piloted in the Mediterranean. Preventing the problems arising from the humanitarian refugee crisis is a priority area in the project. The aim of the project is to achieve substantial improvements in European maritime surveillance capability.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Tuomas Tammilehto

RAVET - A model for combating radicalisation and violent extremism in higher education institutions

Duration: 02/16 - 02/17

As the main implementer of the RAVET project, Laurea will make the combating of radicalisation and violent extremism (RVE) as part of security work at higher education institutions by creating an RVE operating model in which the attention is on ensuring that the teaching does not promote activities that are in violation of the institution's values and on monitoring of the institute's premises and IT infrastructure from the perspective of RVE. The aim is to ensure that the infrastructure is not used to promote radicalisation or violent extremism. As part of the RAVET project, there will also be an e-training package on RVE for the personnel and guidelines for risk-based assessment on how the level of the activities can be properly adjusted.
The model will also be offered to other education institutions and, as applicable, for wider use.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Tuomas Tammilehto

Union Civil Protection Exercise Evaluation

Duration: 01/16 - 12/17

Laurea will be responsible for the evaluation of the civil protection exercises in the European Union. The evaluation will take place during 2016 and 2017 and cover a total of 14 international exercises, five of which are table top exercises and nine field exercises. The evaluation of the exercises will be carried out jointly with the National Defence University / the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) and Enquirya in the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Kirsi Hyttinen

USCO - Using Digital Co-creation for Business Development

Duration: 01/16-12/18

The purpose of the USCO project is to improve the capability of Finnish companies to use digitalisation. Both the internal activities of an organisation and interaction with the customers will be examined. The opportunities created by digitalisation are examined from four perspectives: organisation’s management and culture, open innovations and agile trialling, well-being at work and customer centricity. Danske Bank, Fennia, Humap Consultation, Isännöintiverkko, Kesko, Keva, Silta Oy and the Finnish Tax Administration will take part in the project. Laurea will focus on joint development and utilisation of service design methods. The representatives of the companies and organisations participating in the project will take part in two business camps in Cambridge.

For more information, please contact: Project Manager Ruusa Ligthart

The following projects starting during the autumn received funding during spring 2016:

CAITO - Meta-clusters for attracting the international tourism market, duration: 08/16 - 12/19
DOB - Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä (Utilising open data to create innovations and business), duration: 8/16 - 12/17
GAP – Gaming for Achieving Peace, duration: 09/16 - 02/19
HEISE - Higher Education Institutions for Societal Engagement, duration:09/16 - 08/19
Hyvinvointialan yritykset kiertoon (Well-being companies and change of ownership), duration: 09/16 - 08/18
KEHÄ - Energian ja ravinteiden kierrätyksen uudet mahdollisuudet vesihuollossa (Recycling energy and nutrients in water resources management), duration: 09/16 - 08/18
Muddie – Multiprofessional Digital Developer, duration: 08/16 - 03/17
OLMES - Old Memory Shake, duration: 09/16 - 12/17
Outdoors Uusimaa, duration: 08/16 - 12/17

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