Preparation for evaluation of EU civilian protection mechanism has begun

​The development work for the evaluation framework started officially in a meeting hosted by the National Defence University (The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre- FINCENT) in Santahamina, Finland, on the 1st of April. The meeting was attended by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Enquirya (Netherlands). These three organizations are responsible for the evaluation of the civil protection exercises held in Europe 2016-2017  

The main objective for the meeting was to form a coherent evaluation methodology for the civil protection exercises. This methodology will be used to evaluate the focus of the exercise: The deployability and preparedness of the forces taking part in the exercises. These exercises also work as a basis for the evaluation of the European Comission´s civil protection mechanism. The capabilities in these different exercise segments will be evaluated against a predetermined baseline, which will be set as a part of the evaluation process.

The complete evaluation methodology is based on the results from the earlier civil protection exercises funded by the DG Echo, documents from the European Comission and well established evaluation manuals. The planning meeting also included workshops which focused on adding a scientific element to the evaluation framework. The scientific aspect to the evaluation methodology was viewed very important by the workshop participants and they feel that it will increase the effectiveness of the evaluation.

The results from the meeting will be distributed to the exercise evaluators in an eLearning package. This will further increase the expertise of the evaluators and helps the evaluators to evaluate the exercise in a coherent manner.

In addition to the meeting in Santahamina the evaluation consortium has participated in the meetings hosted by the other LOT´s in Germany, Romania and Denmark. These meetings have been concentrating on the conduction of the civil protection exercises.

More information:

Kirsi Hyttinen, Project Director, kirsi.hyttinen(at)
Antti Ahola, Project Manager, antti.ahola(at)

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