Open UAS studies for upper secondary vocational students launched

A pilot project providing upper secondary vocational students with the opportunity to complete courses through Laurea Open University of Applied Sciences was launched on the Porvoo campus of Laurea on Saturday 29 August. During the pilot project, ten students of practical nursing will complete university-level courses as part of their vocational upper secondary qualification.

Laurea will implement the pilot project in collaboration with two upper secondary vocational institutions educating practical nurses during the academic year 2015‒2016. These institutions are Porvoo Vocational College Amisto and Point College, Porvoo.

The students of practical nursing participating in the pilot project will complete 10 credits worth of courses in nursing and public health nursing as well as social services. The studies will be completed through Laurea Open University of Applied Sciences, and the students will enrol as students at the open university of applied sciences.

The purpose of the study path is to make studies at a university of applied sciences part of students' vocational qualifications and to improve their readiness for university studies. Through the pilot project, students in secondary education are also given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with studies at a university of applied sciences. This can smooth the transition to university-level studies and help shorten the time students need to graduate.

Modified 9/7/2015 3:40 PM

​Participants at the Porvoo campus on Saturday 29 August.