New traditions included in the Graduation Ceremony

​Around 100 new Bachelors or Masters graduates from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, as well as their friends and family, took part in the ceremony on Thursday the 18th December. This year, the graduation ceremony included some brand new customs that have never before been seen in Finland. The most visible of these was the Laurea robe, which was worn by the new graduates as a symbol of completing their degree.

- Laurea has introduced this tradition to increase the significance of completing a degree and to build new traditions for Finnish universities of applied sciences – together with you, the students, said Jouni Koski, President and CEO of Laurea, in his speech to the graduates.

The stakeholders' greeting to the graduating students was extended by Sudhanshu Rai from Copenhagen Business School, Associate Professor and Member of the International Advisory Board. Sudhanshu Rai reminded the graduates that getting an education and graduating are only the first steps on a long journey.

- Now you are using your knowledge, but tomorrow you will be using your experience, he said.
- Possessing only knowledge won't get you far in life, neither will experience alone – you need both.

Modified 3/9/2015 10:37 AM

​Bachelor of Business Administration Eveliina Salmela and the Laurea robe.