Network to Get Work offered career advice for career-related advice

​Laurea's annual Network to Get Work career and recruitment event was held once again in late January, early February. The event at the Leppävaara campus on 31 January was intended especially for students in the Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelors of Hospitality Management and Bachelors of Beauty Care programmes. A week later on the Tikkurila campus, social and health care students were the target group.

Work and information on offer

The Network to Get Work events are meeting places for employers and jobseekers. The event allowed employers to showcase their operations and the work opportunities they have to offer. Students in turn were given the opportunity to hear good advice on gaining employment and on finding a job, an internship or a topic for a thesis.

This year, there were around thirty companies as exhibitors during the two day Network to Get Work events, and just under one thousand students attended.

In addition to perusing the exhibitors' stands, the event programme included lectures, during which listeners heard about the career paths of Laurea graduates working in different fields and advice on job seeking from recruitment professionals. The different trade unions also gave concentrated information on their activities.

"Update and enhance your CV"

The event in Tikkurila showcased social and health care sector employers, who are familiar with Laurea students as they have previously given our students internships and even recruited them. Department Head Kirsti Linnoinen from Vantaa's school and student health care services was at the Vantaa City stand and spoke at length with students during the day about the internships and summer jobs on offer.

Ms Linnoinen, who is responsible for the recruitment of both temporary and permanent employees in her own operating unit, had some important tips in mind for students on the issue of job seeking.

- An employer can tell a great deal from a person's CV, so it is important to keep your CV up-to-date and clear, she advised.
- When you are invited to an interview, the first impression is of utmost importance. It is especially important for an applicant to research the job and workplace in advance and based on this consider what he/she wants to highlight about themselves.

Cooperation project kicked off at event

Royal Ravintolat was one of the companies that participated in the Leppävaara event looking to recruit employees for a diverse range of different restaurant sector jobs. The company also participated in the Laurea event last year when participation produced results in the form of a new type of cooperation.

- We met the people responsible for Laurea's partnerships at last year's event, and some time after the event, we contacted them with a couple of cooperation ideas, says Talent Manager Hanna Rinne from Royal Ravintolat.
- We now have two projects under way with Laurea in Hyvinkää and Lohja. In these projects, students are updating our orientation practices through video instruction and gamification.

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