Master's thesis: Public healthcare sector struggling to keep up with the societal development

​Recently published research claims that public healthcare sector is in a need for service- and customer-oriented partners to cope with the ever-growing patient mass in a rapidly changing working environment while partners in public healthcare sector such as medical supplies companies represents classical, goods- and provider-oriented economics marketing approach.

The services sector has become dominating global economy in the past decade but while the world is living a service revolution, public healthcare sector is holding on to prevailing structures and practices. Regional localized structures and practices in public healthcare create very heterogeneous business environment for partner industries which narrows down collaboration opportunities for classical economics approach. Classical economics approach also contradicts to the nature of public healthcare that in essence is a very service-oriented public service.

To address the shift from classical economics business approach to new service- and customer-centered business approach, a new discipline of service design has emerged out of combination of tools and methods from various disciplines. According to the published research service design approach to research design is capable of bringing new service innovations and strategies to life by utilizing a holistic, co-creative and user-centric research approach.

Research was conducted focusing on diabetes care in public healthcare as a thesis project for master’s degree programme in Service Innovation and Design at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Target groups for the research were medical technology company representatives and diabetes nurses in public healthcare sector.

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Markus Saks

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