Master's thesis: Adoption of service design methods and tools by Nordic technology startups remains low

​The recent study conducted with selected technology startups in the Nordics shows that the adoption of service design methods and tools remains low. The role of service design is not yet well understood by the first-time technology entrepreneurs. Moreover, the majority doesn’t see a clear link between the use of service design and successful fundraising process.

At the same time, many investors agree that technology startups with design expertise are more attractive to them as potential investment targets. Therefore, expanding the knowledge of service design methods and tools among technology startups (and especially first-time entrepreneurs) and establishing the link between the use of service design methods and tools and a successful fundraising process is necessary.

Ekaterina Gianelli, Investment Director at Inventure comments: “Service design approach brings a human focus to the development of services, helping startups see the big picture as customers see it. It offers practical tools to design all the interactions between the customer and the business in a consistent way, at the same time increasing the chances to secure external funding.”

Today’s changing business environment together with an increased global competition creates high pressure for companies to create useful products and services at an increasing speed. Consumers demand intuitive and seamless experiences from the products and services they interact with. The relevance of service design as a contributor to service innovation has grown
significantly. While service design is important to any business, to an early-stage technology startup discovering the right business model it could be critical.

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