Master’s thesis: New Scenarios of Open Innovation Platforms

​Cities around the world are currently going through unprecedented changes. Due to these changes the public sector as a service provider is facing many challenges. There is a need for new and innovative approaches to overcome the challenges. Cities need to be able to embrace collaboration with other actors in the cities and place the customers and co-creation in the heart of innovation activities.

New scenarios of open innovation platforms seek to provide new approaches for Smart Cities to take in order to solve these challenges. They also enable collaborative innovation between a city and other actors such as private and third sector, research institutions, and citizens.

Three alternative scenarios of open innovation platforms are named pop-up, bottom-up and one-stop-shop. The scenarios of open innovation platforms enabling collaborative innovation in a Smart City have both scientific and practical value.

The scientific value relates to new, empirically based scenarios of open innovation platforms fostering innovation collaboration between a city and other actors in the city. The study extends the knowledge of public sector innovation, open innovation platforms and innovation intermediaries, collaborative innovation and Smart Cities.

The study contributes to the knowledge of service design and how it could be utilized in the projects concerning the public sector. Moreover, the thesis contributes to the knowledge of using scenario method in the public sector context. The study has practical value for cities, innovation platform operators, research institutions, companies, third sector organizations and citizens.

The scenarios were designed by utilizing a service design process, methods and tools. The scenarios were also tested and evaluated in the validation workshop with the experts in the area and improvements were made based on the feedback.

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Heini Kauppinen
Degree Program In Service Innovation and Design

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