Master’s thesis: A concept for a digital storage

​The self-storage industry has not been in the forefront of development of its digitalized services. The purpose of the thesis was then to design a viable new concept for a web based self-storage rental service based on the insights gathered from the clientele and the staff of the commissioning company. During the design process the new service was decided to be designed first primarily for use on mobile devices.

The finalized digital service offers the customer an effective tool to select a suitable sized storage room, make the contract and handle the payment without restricting one self to the opening hours of the customer service points of the company. The concept has been presented and approved by the commissioning company and the launch of the service has been planned for the spring of 2018.

The theoretical foundation for the project was Customer-Dominant Logic which highlights the primacy of the customer in the value formation process. The service providers’ function as a supportive actor in the value creation process was the starting point for designing a new service that allows for the user to adapt the commissioner’s digital offerings into their own context. The methods used in the project consisted of conceptual interviews, card deck exercises and observational methods. Clientele of the company was heavily involved in all of the development steps along the project. The concept was created with a team form the staff of the commissioning company.

Finally the designed concept was tested with the customers of the commissioner prior to finalizing the design. The focus and scope of this thesis project covered the entire design process excluding the launch of the new service. 

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