Master´s thesis: New co-creation framework for agile development in ICT

​Master’s degree student Nidhi Singh studied in her thesis Co-creation framework for customer oriented product development, how co-creation can be applied for agile development in B2B context. In today’s ICT marketplace, customers have easy access to information about a company and its competitors’ products. Customers are using this information to only purchase a product which completely matches their requirements.

In this competitive marketplace, developing products without fully understanding customer’s requirement does not remain an option for companies anymore. Co-creation approach allows companies to work in collaboration with the customers to understand their needs and develop products based on those needs. Involvement of customers for co-creation in a company require the company to apply new practices to include customers in the development process. There is a need to define how co-creation can be implemented in a company. The new co-creation framework developed as a result of this study provide direction to transform the existing agile product development process of a company to co-creation with customers.

Understanding the unknown needs of customers can provide opportunities to a company to differentiate from its competitors. Using the new co-creation framework, a company can involve customers from early stages into product development process and can create solutions which satisfy their requirements. This allows a company to reduce development cost and improve customer’s satisfaction with company and its products. The new co-creation framework uses service design tools and methods to collaborate with the customers in the product development process.

The thesis was a service design development project executed in collaboration with a Finnish ICT company. The development project was executed in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of the company and service design workshops were organized during different phases of the project to gather insights and develop the new framework for co-creation.

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