Laureamko tutors at your service

​Laureamko supports students through the student life. The Student Union influences and is a part of different working groups affecting Laurea on all levels. There is a Laureamko office on every Laurea campus and Laureamko actives for you. You can also become an active on many levels. For example you can be chosen to become a tutor, a member of the Council of Representatives, the Board or a Laureamko campus actor.

The first contact for new students are the tutors. They help in studying and student life in general. Tutors in their pink shirts are the first to welcome freshman in the orientation days. They help students in all problems regarding anything – for example using the systems and buying student overalls from the campus office. Tutors are also a part of the Freshmen Party and many other events. They are here for you!

In tutoring you get to meet a lot of people, for example the other tutors and new students. Tutoring includes a study unit and the tutoring itself, and you get credits for it. As a tutor you can have a role of the tutor representative in your campus' tutors, sport tutor or a representative place in other Laurea's working groups. Being a part of the events, such as The Shadow Freshmen party, is also tutors task. Laureamko and Laurea will be supporting tutors through the whole journey.

Tutoring exchange students is guiding new students coming to Laurea for their exchange from other countries. Tutors help in the exchange students' arrival, orientation and in getting to know the culture. It is a great chance to internationalize and get new friends around the world!

In tutoring you will experience a lot. Picking up exchange students from the airport, guiding a team in the Freshman party from taskpoint to taskpoint and celebrating when the freshman know how to apply for the next academic year are something you can only experience when being a tutor.

Tutor search is open in March. Apply and invite your friends too!

Read more about tutor search on Laureamko website

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