Laurea to solve competence challenges of the digital age

During 2015 Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK are carrying out a project where the Finnish university education is brought into the digital age through a dialogue with businesses.

In this project the students will be included in the work to test new approaches and methods for a dialogue between universities and the economic life. The aim is to target the collaboration with businesses towards competence challenges that are important for the businesses, and to also encourage SMEs to join in.

Through these new approaches and the research that links to them we are able to create a shared understanding of what kind of competences the developing digital economy and the change that it will cause will require from graduates. At this pilot stage we will create competences through five example professions, which will be specified later.

The project's third aim is to discuss how university education should be renewed when, for example, the real-time economy, the industrial internet, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing will bring changes to fields, professions and competence needs. The project is creating cooperation networks and methods for examining this challenge further.

The project will be carried out in close cooperation with EKs member unions, as well as universities of applied sciences and universities. ​

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