Laurea takes part in evaluation of 14 European civilian protection exercises 2016 - 2017

​The European Commission has started the preparations for the large-scale civilian protection exercises, which Laurea University of Applied is selected to evaluate.

The consortium led by Laurea University of Applied Sciencies took part in the kick-off meeting held in Brussels 20.1.2016, which officially opened the preparations for the civil protection exercises held in Europe 2016 – 2017.

The exercises funded* by the European Commission will be carried out by four consortiums. Three of these consortiums will organize the exercises, whereas consortium led by Laurea evaluates these events.  The exercise schedule consists of fourteen exercises, of which five are table-top and nine are field exercises. All of these exercises are evaluated by Laurea with its partners: National Defence University (The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre– FINCENT) and Enquirya (Netherlands).

During the spring 2016 the consortium will concentrate on improving the current evaluation procedures, by backing them with scientific methods and innovative software. Improved evaluation procedures will provide objective information regarding the exercises results and will eventually help improve the European Commission´s civil protection mechanism. In addition, the consortium led by Laurea will form a plan to best utilize the pool of nearly 50 international evaluation experts, who will monitor the exercises.

The first exercise will be held on the 4.-7.10.2016 in Italy. This will be the first occasion when the improved evaluation procedure will help improve the European Commission’s civil protection mechanism.

*Call for tender ref. ECHO/Bl/SER/2015/05, LOT 4 - Design, plan and conduct an evaluation for the Union Civil Protection Modules Exercises

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Kirsi Hyttinen
Project Director

Antti Ahola
Project Manager

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