Laurea evaluated two EU Civil Protection exercises

The exercise between 2-5 November in Ostrava, Czech Republic concentrated on Civil Protection concerning floods. The second between 18-22 November in Mainz, Germany was a simulation concerning a Civil Protection situation outside the European Union.

In both of the exercises Laurea’s multinational teams of experts evaluated how the exercises were organized and how the organizers performed. Now the collected and reported evaluation findings will be analysed and collated with the data from other EU Civil Protection exercises.

The exercises in Germany and in Czech Republic were the last to be participated by Laurea’s expert this year. During the upcoming year 2018, Laurea will still conduct nine evaluation in order to enhance the preparedness and deployability of the Union’s civil protection capabilities, with particular attention to the capabilities destined for the voluntary pool.

More information about Evaluation: Ms Kirsi Hyttinen, and evaluation@laurea.​

Modified 11/28/2017 1:14 PM

​Laurea's evaluation expert in Mainz, Germany.