Laurea evaluated first civil protection exercise of 2016

​The first EU civil protection Modules Exercise was held in Sicily, Italy 4-7 of November 2016. This Exercise was a large scale exercise for Medium/Heavy Urban Search and Rescue, Field Hospital, Advanced Medical Post with or without Surgery, Technical Assistance and Support Team, and experts of a European Union Civil Protection Team. Sicily exercise aimed to train operative cooperation in large urban areas under hot conditions. The showcase video from the exercise can be viewed here.

The consortium led by Laurea took part in the exercise in the role of the evaluator. The overall purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate how the exercise have been played according to the build indicators, and to provide recommendations for further improvement of civil protection Mechanism. The recommendations are based on the data collected via observations and interviews during the exercise.

The current exercise cycle will include eight more field exercises with varying focuses. In addition there will be five table top exercises with the first one being held in Germany already in November. The evaluation team provides a brief feedback for the training teams already during the exercise. Moreover, the final report will be delivered to European Commission, DG ECHO, within few weeks after the exercise. The final report will be validated with scientific methods, which are built by the evaluation consortium in previous workshops. The final report for the whole evaluation cycle will be provided to European Commission in the summer 2017.

The current exercise cycle will end by June 2017. This means that the exercises will be held almost monthly. All exercises and evaluations can be followed from the website ran by the evaluation consortium.

More information:

Kirsi Hyttinen, Project Director, kirsi.hyttinen(at)
Antti Ahola, Project Manager, antti.ahola(at)

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First EU civil protection excercise was held in Sicily