Laurea celebrates its 20 000th graduate

Laurea University of Applied Sciences held its graduation ceremony on Tuesday 16th June. Some 250 students received their degree certificates at the ceremony. A significant milestone was also reached, as among the graduates was the 20 000th student to graduate with a degree or higher degree from the university of applied sciences. This figure is based on all those who have graduated since 1992.

In historical alphabetical order, the 20 000th student to graduate was Teemu Toropainen, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, who studied in the Restaurant entrepreneurship programme.
- “Right now it still feels a bit strange to finish studying full-time and start to work. However, there are new challenges ahead and I am looking forward to them”, comments Teemu, describing how he felt at graduation.
- “One of the things I will really remember about Laurea is working life, as the work placements I did will give me a really good base for working life and my future. Another thing that will definitely stay in my memory are the friends I studied with.”
Teemu was presented with a certificate by the President of Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Jouni Koski and Heikki Heinimäki, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
- “To have 20 000 graduates is a really big number considering that Laurea is only 24 years old”, observed Heikki Heinimäki.

Over 250 graduates at the graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony, which was held at the Leppävaara campus in Espoo, was attended by about 500 Laurea graduates who completed their Bachelors and Masters degrees in June. Some of the graduates who complete their degrees in the spring were also present. Some 1 500 students graduate from Laurea each year in a range of professional areas.

In his speech, Jouni Koski, Laurea’s President and CEO, congratulated the graduates on reaching one of life’s major milestones. He also welcomed them as members of the Laurea Alumni association.

The vice chair of Laurea’s Alumni Delegation, Jarmo Hollanti, welcomed the new graduates. Jarmo, who has a Master’s degree from Laurea, offered some guidance regarding working life:
- “Remember that you have now graduated, but you are not yet finished. In working life, it is important to learn all the time from colleagues, mentors and from your line managers as well”, he said.
- “Remember too, to believe in yourself and in your degree, because you have all the ingredients for success.”
Laruea’s stakeholders were represented by Saija Äikäs, a Director at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, who also spoke at the Graduation ceremony. She reminded the audience of the challenges that the economic situation poses for business in Finland and around the world.
- “As graduates of Laurea however, you are well equipped for working life, take full advantage of it”, Ms Äikäs ended.
“I will remember the student community at Laurea”

The overwhelming feeling at the Graduation ceremony now that their studies were completed was naturally joy and excitement. People’s focus is now fixed on the future challenges of working life. At the same time it was time to say goodbye to student friends, and for many it is precisely the student friends from Laurea that they will remember.

- “Graduating feels very good – one major milestone has now been reached”, commented Inka Kovanen as she described her feelings on graduating with a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.
- “I will always remember the projects at Laurea, that gave me valuable contacts for my career, but also a sense of community.”
Jari Sainio, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, was also extremely pleased at having graduated:
- “I have said many times today that no-one could feel prouder than this”, he said.
- “Now, at graduation, is also the time to thank all my friends, other students and the whole Laurea community for their support, because without it, this would not have been possible."

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