Laurea celebrated students’ graduation

​Friday 16 June was an important and unforgettable day for hundreds of Laurea students; it was the day that marked the end of their studies for a degree of higher degree from our institution. The graduating students celebrated at the traditional Graduation ceremony which was held at the House of Culture in Helsinki in the spirit of Finland’s 100 years of independence.

1,600 new professionals graduate each year

There were about 300 graduating students at the Graduation ceremony as well as a large crowd of their friends and families. All in all, professionals from over 500 different sectors graduated from Laurea in June. About 1,600 students graduate from Laurea every year.
- For you graduates, this is a unique experience in your lives, the President and CEO of Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, Jouni Koski, told to the students in his congratulatory speech.
- Graduation is a turning point in life, when you move to take on the challenges of working life, however learning does not stop at that point. In working life, learning takes place with your colleagues and customers; and it is precisely by learning that you best succeed in working life.

From student to alumnus

At the moment of graduation, the students do not cease to be members of the Laurea community; they simply become Laurea alumni. Traditionally there has always been a speech from a Laurea alumni at the Graduation ceremony. This time the alumni’s greetings were borne by community educator Miia Haanpää, who was chosen as Laurea’s Alumna of the Year 2017
- Remember to keep an open mind about the working life ahead of you, because you never know where the future will take you. Be committed in all you do and seize on new opportunities, Ms Haanpää advised the graduating students.

“Thank you to the Laurea community”

At the end of the ceremony one of the graduating students, Sini Heino, with her fresh Bachelor of Social Services, also made a speech. In her speech, Ms Heino warmly thanked all Laurea students and staff who had helped the students on their path to graduation:
- Laurea has always been more than just an educational institution for me. It has been a community, which is made up of students, lecturers, partners from the world of business as well as the alumni too, she stressed.

At the moment of graduation, Ms Heino was reflective, but optimistic at this moment of stepping into working life:

- What next? Even though I have now graduated, I still do not feel myself at all ready. But as graduates, at least we have a good base and that will help us succeed in our future careers, she observed.


Video recording from Laurea's Graduation Ceremony at Helsinki Culture Hall can be viewed here (Youtube).

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