Laurea becomes a member of European Security and Defence College

​Laurea was accepted as a member of European Security and Defence College (ESDC) with a recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. The membership guarantees wide cooperation possibilities and networks with the leading educational institutes in the field of security management. Laurea’s security competence is top-level nationally, and Laurea is the largest civil security educational institute in Finland. It is also the only university of applied sciences to combine security with the operation of authorities of social services and health care, taking into account the needs of the third sector and of the citizens. 

In this cooperation network of educational institutes in the field of security management, Laurea is responsible for the operations that seek synergy from research, teaching, and international projects in a way that the participating educational institutes create a national centre of expertise in security management between them. The membership in the ESDC creates excellent cooperation possibilities with international security management education institutes and, through that, it also promotes the activities of national network of security management educational institutes.

According to the cooperation agreement between educational institutes in the field of security management, the working programme 2016 begun on Feb 4th on Laurea’s Tikkurila campus with a meeting between the representatives of the educational institutes that are involved in the agreement. The methods and responsibilities of implementing the working programme were agreed on, and new future targets for cooperation were mapped in the meeting. Vantaa Vocational College Varia joined the agreement as a new operator.

Membership in ESDC creates good possibilities of project partnerships with international operators and special experts of security management education. It also supports the launch of Europe's first continuing education programme in overall security organised by Laurea: International Safety and Security MBA (sMBA). The preparation of sMBA began in early 2015, and the pilot will be organised in 2017. In 2017, Finland will be the chair of the Arctic Council, and this is why the sMBA will contain elements from, for example, Arctic & Maritime Safety and Security. sMBA was already introduced in February 2016 in the International Conference on Education in Dubai as part of Finland’s extensive education options and import, and the programme had a very positive reception.

More information:

Päivi Kuosmanen
Senior Manager, Coherent Security
paivi.kuosmanen (at)

Sam Vuorinen
Product Manager, International Safety and Security MBA (sMBA)
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