Laurea and Tohoku Fukushi University enter into closer cooperation

Tohoku Fukushi University, located in Sendai, Japan, and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have collaborated for over 10 years. Cooperation between the two institutions has focused especially on the development of the healthcare and welfare sectors, and they have a special joint project by the name of Encounter Art. Tohoku Fukushi and Laurea entered into a new strategic agreement at the beginning of July 2015, which includes more broad-scoped and in-depth cooperation in education, research, development and innovation activities, at the same time increasing expert and student exchanges between the two universities. 

'Laurea and Tohoku Fukushi have already engaged in close cooperation for 10 years specifically in the development of the social welfare and healthcare sectors.  We have added a volunteer activities study unit for all students to the newly published Laurea 2020 strategy. This is modelled on the basis of studies offered at Tohoku Fukushi. Tohoku Fukushi University has held courses focused on volunteer activities for quite some time. The cooperation agreement that was now entered into will expand to incorporate not only the welfare sector, but also other areas of competence. This will improve the activities of both universities,' states President Jouni Koski.

'With regard to RD&I activities, signing the cooperation agreement will improve our existing long-term cooperation in the healthcare and welfare sectors. The new, broader agreement will facilitate more broad-scoped cooperation also in other RD&I areas and open up new, interesting opportunities. A few examples of such opportunities include cooperation in the research of the impact of volunteer activities and research of the security field,' says Laurea's Vice President Kyösti Väkeväinen, who is responsible for research, development and innovation activities. 

Tohoku Fukushi University is one of Laurea's strategic international partners, and it has had a representative on the Laurea International Advisory Board from the time the board was established in 2009.

Modified 7/23/2015 4:02 PM

Nobuhide Watanabe, the vice president of ​Tohoku Fukushi University, and Jouni Koski, the president of Laurea university of Applied Sciences.