Laurea and Amisto enter into cooperation agreement

​Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Porvoo Vocational College Amisto entered into a cooperation agreement in Loviisa on Friday 16th January. The agreement was signed by Jouni Koski, President and CEO of Laurea, and Pentti Suursalmi, Principal of Amisto.

This partnership agreement will lead to increased cooperation between Laurea and Amisto in eastern Uusimaa. The aim of the collaboration is to make the available study options better known and to improve career prospects between secondary vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences.

Together, the institutions will begin to develop a model for a study path from secondary education into university of applied sciences. To this end, a pilot trial for a study path, From Practical Nurse to Nurse, will be carried out, starting in the autumn of 2015. In the future, the goal is to extend this model to the other programs at Laurea, as well as other vocational institutions and
upper secondary schools.

From the students' perspective, the purpose of the study paths is to make studies at a university of applied sciences part of their vocational qualifications and to improve their readiness for university studies. Students in secondary education are also given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with studies at a university of applied sciences. Laurea is also developing methods for identifying skills acquired in secondary education when moving on to a university of applied sciences.

The cooperation agreement between Laurea and Amisto also aims to increase cooperation between the two institutions' research, development and innovation activities on both a national and an international level.

- We at Laurea believe the cooperation with Amisto to be very important. Making transitions more flexible and study paths better known is important work, which we are carrying out together for the students' benefit, said Jouni Koski, President and CEO of Laurea, when the partnership agreement was signed in Loviisa.

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​Jouni Koski, President and CEO of Laurea, and Pentti Suursalmi, Principal of Amisto.