Laurea Publications in English in 2014

Laurea Publications

38. Kämppi, Rajamäki, Tiainen & Leppänen (2014)MACICO. Multi-AgencyCooperation in Cross-border Operations. Samples of Evidence Series: Volume 4
Cooperation between Public Protection and Disaster Relief actors across a border is a difficult task today, because the teams on both sides of the border cannot communicate with each other. One of the reasons is that their communication systems cannot be linked easily. Other challenges are related with heterogeneous operational procedures, heterogeneous services and the lack of trust between cooperating parties. The MACICO project presents a concept for interworking of security organizations in their daily activity that guarantees communications reliability, integrity and security.

36. Raij (ed.) (2014)Learning by Developing Action Model
Learning by Developing action model book aims to describe the LbD model as a pedagogical development process at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. It is made up of different, independent peer reviewed articles, which look at LbD from different perspectives. The articles, for example, introduce the philosophical bases of the LbD action model and give examples of how to apply LbD in carrying out different research and development projects. 

35. Henriksson, Korkiakangas & Mantere (2014)Adaptation of Learning by Developing for Comprehensive Schools - LbD4All Guide
The publication is for those interested in the development of teaching in comprehensive schools. The publication provides a versatile introduction to Laurea's pedagogical action model Learning by Developing (LbD) and its adaptation for comprehensive schools (LbD4All). The aim is to introduce the action model LbD4All and provide stimuli in order to apply this model in comprehensive schools.

27. Pusa (ed.) (2014) Encounter Art. Handbook for a Group Guide
This handbook is a collection of the subjects handled in Encounter Art group guide training. In addition to Encounter Art group guides, the handbook is well suited to social-welfare, health-care and educational supervisors when they assess the applicability of Encounter Art to the operations of their own units.

24. Tikanmäki, Rajamäki & Pirinen (eds.) (2014)Mobile Object Emergency Vehicles. Samples of Evidence Series: Volyme 3
This report depicts the research project MOBI (Mobile Object Bus Interaction). The project aimed to create a common international ICT infrastructure for all Puclic Protection and Disaster Relief vehicles, based on better integration of ICT systems, applications, and services.

ISJ sarjan julkaisut

ISJ journal is published in only in English.

A Special Issue on Smart Cities, Vol. 3, No. 4, 2014 (ISSN 1799-2710)
This unrefereed special issue presents a wide range of research articles and practical papers on Smart Cities. The articles discuss the Smart City phenomenon from different points of view and in different contexts.

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