Laurea International Week coming in April

​Laurea International Week 2016 is organised on the campuses of Kerava and Tikkurila on 18-22.4.2016 with the theme ‘Crossing Borders’. The International Week is intended both for teaching and non-teaching staff from Laurea’s partner institutions with common programme and networking opportunities for all participants as well as classes for teaching staff and workshops for non-teaching staff.

There will be more than 60 participants on the Laurea International Week, twenty of them are non-teaching staff participants and the rest teaching staff along with a couple of student groups from partner abroad. The participants represent altogether 17 different countries and 31 different institutions.

The programme of the International Week will start on Monday 18th April on the Tikkurila campus with all the participants and organizers together. Networking between the participants as well as Laurea staff members and students will be enabled with an “International Food Fair” where the participants have the chance to give everybody a taste of their home country by offering snacks typical for their culture. There will also be a joint dinner for all international week participants on Wednesday 20th April as well as a possibility for the visitors to take part in a cultural excursion organized by Laurea students on Friday 22nd April. Otherwise the two staff groups teaching and non-teaching staff have separate programmes; teaching staff will teach either on Kerava or Tikkurila campus and the non-teaching staff programme will run mainly on the Tikkurila campuses.

More information about the International Week here.

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