Laurea Business Design #ThesisHack 2018: Thesis in 3 weeks

​In the fall of 2018, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and consulting company Differo Ltd organize a unique experiment: 10 students of Service Business Management, as well as Hospitality Service Management, are doing their thesis work focused on business design using Jake Knapp's Design Sprint work model.

Business Design #ThesisHack takes three weeks 27.8. - 14.9.2018 and is reportedly the first of its kind in Finland. Business Design is a hot and fresh topic in Finland, so sprint participants are among the pioneers. Business Design #ThesisHack's goal is to explore how and why businesses use business models in their innovation activities.

The subject is divided into four perspectives:

  • People
  • Tools and IT systems
  • Processes
  • Spaces

- Business Design #ThesisHack gives students an interesting opportunity to explore and apply the design principles to business model innovation. The popularity of the Design Sprint method has increased in recent years. It has been well-tested in different types of development projects, now also in the thesis work, emphasizes Kati Tawast, who directs service design projects at Laurea and is the organizer of the Business Design #ThesisHack experiment.
- The absolute novelty of the experiment is that we will get at once several theses on the same subject. This has not been done before, Tawast continues.

The experiment is assigned by Differo Oy, which design corporate content strategies and marketing communications. Iana Vesa, Differo's Content Strategist and #ThesisHack's Mentor, is pleased with Laurea's experiment:

- We have the honour to be involved. Business design is an important aspect that we take into account in our work. We act as change agents, whose work has a profound impact on company’s service processes. We look forward to new perspectives and innovative concepts from Business Design #ThesisHack, Iana Vesa describes.

For more information, please contact:

Kati Tawast Service Business, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, tel. +358 50 598 8721

Iana Vesa
Content Strategist and Service Designer, Differo Ltd, tel. +358 40 509 8832,

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