Laurea's multinational evaluation team conducted evaluation in Portugal

​Laurea’s multinational evaluation team conducted the evaluation of the Union Mechanism Civil Protection modules successfully in the exercise in Portugal 12-15 June 2017. The contribution was requested by the Commission to conduct an evaluation for the Union Civil Protection Modules Exercises organised by other organisations. The exercise was organised as field exercise in Portugal, Barreiro (District of Setubal) by Falck and Guarda Nacional Republicana.

The civil protection modules exercised and tested their performance in urban search and rescue situations in Mediterranean climate. The scenario betrayed real life situations when the request for international assistance to the European Civil Protection Mechanism is needed by local authorities and emergency.

The evaluation guiding principles and framework is given by DG ECHO’s evaluation standards. Finally, the evaluation aims to contribute to recommendations to improve Mechanism operations, exercise play and organisation. To collect, report and analyse the evaluation findings effectively, the Laurea’s evaluation work is supported by Evaluation Software tool and iPads provided by Dutch SME Enquirya.

This far Laurea has conducted evaluation of 12 exercises in total. After 14 exercises, Laurea will analyse all data collected and provide the final report with findings and recommendations from entire cycle of exercises. On 16th June 2017 another Evaluation team will attend to exercise to be evaluation in FYROM (17-20 June 2017).

Please find more information about the exercise here.

More information about Evaluation: Ms Kirsi Hyttinen, and

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