Japanese visit in Laurea

​It is important in early childhood education to have new ideas and learn from each other in the future. Students in early childhood education from Japan visited Laurea 9.3.2016. The idea of the visit was to share new ideas, information and give each other’s clips of the culture and how the early childhood education is played out in the countries. Multiculturalism is going to be a growing component in the future of early childhood education. Japan and Finland are both facing same kind of problems. The society is changing so that people are ageing and this creates new challenges for the society.  As early childhood education teachers we all have to take it into account.

We were all very excited to meet the Japanese students. We had discussed about them weeks before they arrived. Finnish students’ presentations where about alternative early childhood education methods such as playfulness in learning environments, nature and environment education in Finland, language immersion system and story crafting. Finnish students taught Japanese to do traditional Finnish käpylehmä toys. One group of Finnish students also presented their early childhood education productization idea.

Japanese students’ presentations were more about the culture. They introduced traditional Japanese toys and the origami. After the presentation everybody got a chance to do an origami crane. They had introductions of Japanese annual events and of the Japanese Zodiac. After the introductions and presentations one of the Japanese students performed traditional Japanese dance. 
Together Finnish and Japanese students learnt from each other and we had great time. The language barrier was a little bit challenging, but all messages were received and the Japanese teachers helped to translate the most important parts. In the future, similar learning events are highly desirable. Laurea University of Applied Sciences managed to organize the event very nicely. All the students were very satisfied.

Text and photo: Iida Puomila, Degree program of Social Services

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