Information events on Master’s programmes organised on Laurea’s campuses

​Laurea’s information events on Master’s programmes attracted graduates both from Laurea and other universities of applied sciences. The speakers in the event were teachers responsible for Laurea’s programmes and also students currently studying at Laurea, who spoke about their own study experiences.

Updating competence to match the requirements of working life

Katri Ojasalo, Director responsible for Master’s programmes at Laurea, emphasised the importance of Master’s studies especially because by studying, people can update their competences and network efficiently with professionals of different fields.

- Master’s programmes develop management skills and research expertise, which all these programmes have in common. The programmes we offer are very modern and unique. We have been highly praised for our strong expertise in Master’s education.

Student numbers in Master’s programmes continue to grow

Laurea offers 12 programmes that lead to a Master’s Degree on two campuses, Tikkurila and Leppävaara. At the moment, more than 700 students study a Master’s programme at Laurea and in 2017, a total of 275 new students will begin their Master’s studies

Studies as part of working life and efficient networking

Henrik, who studies the Master of Business Administration in Security Management degree, has been able to benefit from his studies also at his workplace.

- It is a good idea to justify to your employer why the programme supports your competence at work. The studies can be combined with work very well, for example, in different development projects. During my studies, I have gained a network that I can rely on in working life and in my studies. I’m almost afraid of graduating because studying has been so much fun and so rewarding.

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