Higher Education Institutes for Societal Engagement (HEISE) –project started

​The HEISE project aims to create an innovative and attractive educational model based on experiential and challenge led learning. The innovation lies in engaging the owners of challenges and the students into joint teams and to use arts-based methods to understand the different point of views in solving the challenges. The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ program. It will run for three years (1.9.2016-31.8.2019).

Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a key role in educating young people to understand the underlying values in societies and cultures, which create crucial abilities to foster social integration. To succeed in this, the teachers and students of HEIs need novel ways to increase intercultural understanding and social inclusion. Hence, in the project we aim to create a comprehensive educational model grounded in experiential and challenge based learning to increase the higher education institutions’ societal engagement (HEISE).

The HEISE project consists of two main Intellectual Outputs (IO) that have independent but intertwined paths. First, IO 1 concentrates on building a participatory learning model for societal engagement for HEIs through a challenge solving course module with an e-publication for teachers guiding through the methodological approach of the course. Second, IO 2 consists of activities that create a model for HEIs to evaluate their societal impact and the engagement in societal projects. This outcome of the project will help the HEIs to better integrate the societal impact into their strategies.

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia) is the coordinator of the HEISE project. There are three partners from Finland (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, University of the Arts Helsinki/Sibelius Academy and Aalto University/School of Art, Design and Architecture), one partner from Estonia (Estonian Business School) and one from Spain (University of the Basque Contry).

Contact information: 

Anne Eskelinen, anne.eskelinen@laurea.fi
Anne Äyväri, anne.ayvari@laurea.fi

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​HEISE project continues the work started in MAPSI project with same partners. Pictured here are MAPSI project partners in a meeting in Helsinki August 2014.