Forerunner magazine: Competitiveness through education and research

The Finnish schooling system has turned into a brand that is known around the world. Constant success in international comparisons has given the Finnish schooling system an excellent reputation. A high-quality, equal education has become part of the Finnish identity and country image.

Tapio Kosunen, Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture, is happy that Finnish schools have such an excellent reputation abroad. Finnish higher education is also of top quality.

- Measured in relation to the country's GDP, Finland is one of the biggest investors in research, development and innovation activities. Finland also does well in rankings when measuring the number of researchers in relation to the entire population, Tapio Kosunen says.

According to Kosunen, there are increasingly high expectations towards higher education due to the weak economic
situation and the slow growth of the economy, despite the good results Finland has already achieved. In a know-how-based economy, top-quality higher education and science can be used to achieve a significant competitive advantage. Kosunen believes that it is essential that Finland invests in education, research and innovations even during hard times.

- Although Finnish research is of top quality, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels, Tapio Kosunen says.
- Many of our rival countries that were behind us according to several indicators in the early 2000s have now caught up with us or overtaken us.

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​Tapio Kosunen.