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- I think it is really exciting to work as the mayor. The best thing about this job is that you can influence things and improve the city, explains Sabrina, a sixth grade student working as mayor of the City of Espoo.
- As Laurea’s managing director my most interesting task was to plan and give a speech at this morning's general meeting, was how Pauliina described her working day.

Sabrina and Pauliina have spent a day in the shoes of the mayor and Laurea’s managing director. Together with their classmates they came to visit the miniature city, Me & MyCity.

Society in miniature

Me & MyCity is a Finnish learning innovation that has received international recognition where sixth grade students get to learn about the functioning of society. Me & MyCity was piloted for the first time in 2010 and during the current year 2015 – 2016, eight Me and MyCities will operate around the country. They will be visited by a total of 45,000 school children during the year. Me & MyCity is coordinated by the Economic Information Office, TAT.

There are two Me & MyCities operating in the Helsinki region; the Helsinki-Vantaa Me &MyCity at the Museum of Technology in Helsinki and the Espoo Me & MyCity at Nokia’s campus in Karaportti. The Espoo Me & MyCity, now in its second year, is visited by school children from six other municipalities in Uusimaa as well as from Espoo.

- We have school children visiting Me & MyCity on 3 - 4 days a week, explains Me & MyCity Espoo’s Regional Coordinator, Viivi Viitanen.
- There are about 70 pupils on each visit, and today for example we have three classes from three schools.

The Me & MyCity learning concept consists of ten lessons under the direction of their own teacher when the students learn about society, working life and the economy. During the lessons they learn about what work is and how to seek it, what are companies and public services or why taxes are paid and where tax money is spent.

During the actual Me & MyCity visit, the pupils arrive at the city and work for one day in a profession agreed in advance. There are about 15 companies in each Me & MyCity for example a bank, shop, town hall, museum and occupational health centre. Three to five pupils work in each company and during the day they carry out specific tasks with other pupils.

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​Laurea advertisement designed by pupils in Me & MyCity.