Forerunner Magazine: Time for studies - even in your fifties

"A few years ago I was in the Board of Directors of Laurea. I asked the then President in passing whether there are any reasons why a board member could not apply for studies. There were not, and now I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Laurea."

Jari Sainio is a real estate agent for the city of Vantaa. Alongside work, he has studied in Laurea and graduated in June with a Bachelor of Business Administration after two and a half years. Sainio's study path is a model example of life-long learning.

Originally Sainio graduated in 1990 with a vocational qualification in accounting from Malmi business college. Back then there was no time for further studies because Sainio was already involved in politics. Sainio has lived in Vantaa since he was 6, and he was a member in the city council already when in upper secondary school. Currently he is serving his 9th term as council member.

Sainio has worked for the City of Vantaa since 1985, first as a business development secretary and then later as a real estate agent. In between he has also had a possibility to work as an aid in the European parliament.

- All my duties have always involved matters relating to industrial policy, land use and business establishment, he describes.

A new beginning to career through studying

Around 2010 Sainio had an idea that he would like to deepen his knowledge and increase his human capital – to have a kind of a new beginning to his career. When he was a Laurea Board member in 2011–2013, he had a possibility to see the new opportunities studying in a university of applied sciences could bring.

In 2012 he finally applied, was then accepted and began studying Business Management in Leppävaara in the spring 2013.

- I turned 50 in 2011, so perhaps this was my so-called midlife craze, Sainio laughs.

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​Jari Sainio.