Forerunner Magazine: Robots and the Future of Welfare Services

​​​Laurea is participating in the multidisciplinary Robots and the Future of Welfare Services (ROSE) project, which is funded by the Academy of Finland. The Lappeenranta University of technology (LUT), Tampere University of Technology (TUT), University of Tampere and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are also participating in the project, which is co-ordinated by Aalto University.

- Laurea has been involved in various joint welfare technology RDI projects for the past ten years, explains Paula Lehto, Principal Lecturer at Laurea.
- Here, the Living Lab philosophy, an action research approach and working in the user interface have always played a key role. Laurea can also use these strengths in this project.

The various actors in the ROSE project make their own contributions to the whole. Aalto University and the Tampere University of Technology are focusing on the robotics technology aspect, while the university of Tampere is researching the subject from a change of work standpoint. VTT and LUT are examining the commercialisation of robotics innovations in Finland.

The ROSE project is part of the Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council (SRC) Disruptive Technologies and Changing Institutions programme. The programme research projects are expected to provide answers on what benefits disruptive technologies will bring to Finland and how they can be used as effectively as possible where Finland's competitiveness is concerned.

- In terms of Finnish society, the introduction of robotics in welfare services is seen as a key strategic vision, sums up Teemu Rantanen, who is serving as the Project Manager for Laurea in the ROSE project.

User perspective of home care

The ROSE project examines the evolution of service robotics at the level of society, services and individuals. Laurea's contribution focuses particularly on the user perspective, i.e. home care employees and clients.

A key partner is the Municipality of Sipoo home care services, with which a Living Lab environment will be built for the testing of robot use.

- We started out in Sipoo at the end of the year with workshops, with the whole home care staff participating, explains Project Manager Rantanen.
- It was very well received and the home care employees were excited to try the new technology.


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