Forerunner Magazine: "Laurea is a daily development partner"

​The Cities of Espoo and Vantaa have played a major role during Laurea's 25-year history. We asked Sampo Suihko, Deputy Mayor of Espoo, Education and Cultural Services and Elina Lehto-Häggroth, Deputy Mayor of Vantaa what kind of partner is today's university of applied sciences.

- I was working for Education and Cultural Services when Laurea's predecessor was just being established. After this, I saw university of applied sciences first from the perspective of the General Director of Omnia the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region and now as Deputy Mayor of Education and Cultural Services, explains Sampo Suihko, Deputy Mayor, Education and Cultural Services.
- You might say that I've been able to watch Laurea work and grow for its entire 25-year history. I've celebrated every step forward taken by Laurea, every quality award and recognition, because they embody the long-term development of education.

In Suihko's view, Laurea has become a part of the City of Espoo's daily development work. Laurea is a key partner to the city where research, development and innovation projects are concerned.

Espoo also provides an excellent platform for development work, serving as the base for a wide variety of activities in different sectors. The initiative for co-operation is increasingly coming in situations, where the city has some kind of development challenge and they send it on over to Laurea. Suihko feels that the best results are achieved when things are not overly refined or forced into a certain form.

- One of the best examples of good co-operation in my own field was the Opinmäki learning centre development project in the Suurpelto district, explains Suihko.


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