Forerunner Magazine: Laurea Student Enterprise of the Year - Your App Oy

​The Laurea Student Enterprise of the Year prize was awarded in March, this time going to Hyvinkää-based Your App Oy. The product of the enterprise, which was founded last year, is the Digitalonmies (Digital Superintendent) application.

Your App Oy is the brainchild of three business students from Laurea's Hyvinkää campus: Jouni Lindfors, Ville Pakarinen and Ville Sipilä.

The simple idea of the application is to make the work of residents and building superintendents easier by combining, for example, a graphic error notification, communications between the custodian and residents, and even reserving the laundry room. The idea for the application came from practical needs:

- The initial idea came to me when I thought how I could let my neighbours know I would be having some friends over for a party. I tossed this idea to my friends, who came up with even more ideas, says Jouni Lindfors.

- I had problems with the custodian, so I suggested the graphic error notification. Sipilä had served on building company boards, so he knew how much board meeting memos and other paperwork was involved, adds Ville Pakarinen.

Last spring, the trio began refining the idea, sketching out the user interface and developing the technical execution. The work progressed rapidly and, by that spring, the application was being trialled by a few building companies. After testing and fine-tuning the application, our goal is to begin selling it to superintendents by this summer.

- Our idea has been well-received. The feedback we've had says that the app is really user-friendly. That was our goal from the very beginning, says Lindfors.

The prize for Student Enterprise of the Year is an opportunity to become a client of Laurea's business incubator, the Spinno Enterprise Centre. The support that Laurea has provided to the student enterprise has already been significant.

- Right when we told the people at school about our idea, we got really great feedback and help from the teachers, explain the three students.
- We were also given a workspace to use on the Hyvinkää campus, which was convenient.

They encourage other students considering starting their own enterprise to tell their ideas to others.

- We wouldn't be here right now if we hadn't opened our mouths, they say.
- Now, when we can actually see the app, which was nothing more than an idea sketched out on paper less than a year ago - that is unbelievably cool.


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​Ville Sipilä and Jouni Lindfors from Your App Oy.