Finnish-Swedish team formed at the BELT Bootcamp

​In August Laurea Master’s degree students Juha-Pekka Ahvenainen and Markus Alavaikko were part of the team that won the Digital Wellbeing Sprint summer course and their prize was an entry to BELT entrepreneuship Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was held in Norrköping, Sweden in September.

The trip to Sweden was a success for Ahvenainen and Alavaikko and they certainly didn’t have to come back home empty-handed. At the Bootcamp they formed a team with two Swedes Fredrik Lundgren and Jacob Sjöstrand and ended up winning the Bootcamp as well. Good feedback from the mentors at the Bootcamp encouraged the team to push their idea forward and in October they met again in Helsinki.

Smart City as the main theme of the Bootcamp

About 50 participant took part in the BELT Bootcamp in Norrköping and at the start of the 3-day camp they were divided in 12 teams. The main theme of the camp was Smart City. The teams were coached by some top mentors and the camp ended in the teams pitching their ideas to a jury.

- The problem our team wanted to solve was to help people become more stress conscious, which turned out to be a tough question to answer at first, team members explain.

The Finnish-Swedish joint team did a lot of research, interviewed people and benchmarked existing solutions. They found out that there are some solutions already but none of them actually visualize stress to user.

- That’s how we came up with our solution which lets user see the stress levels as well as what has been stressful to him, team says.

The next step: MVP

After good feedback from Bootcamp mentors the team - now called Lugnoro - have kept on pushing their idea forward. Next they are trying to come up with a MVP, Minimun Viable Product, of their solution.

- The Bootcamp was a good beginning for us and we feel that this idea really is something we want to take further, Lugnoro team says.

As one of the most important lessons from the BELT Bootcamp the members mention how important it is to focus on problems rather than solutions in the beginning.

- If you start with the problem you have a much more solid base on which to work on and when there’s a problem there’s always a real need as well, Markus Alavaikko explains.

BELT-Baltic Entrepreneurship Laboratories project creates new joint companies and cooperation between start-ups in the Central Baltic region. Laurea UAS is one of the partners in the project along with New Factory Ltd. (FI), Almi / Demola East Sweden (SE), Riga Technical University (LV) and The Baltic Institute of Finland (FI). Learn more at

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​Lugnoro team working at the BELT Bootcamp in Sweden.